What gets measured,
gets managed.

Write down each transaction to have an overview of your month.

Categorize them to quickly see where money goes.

Convert them all in a unique currency.

Synchronize between all your devices.

Keep it simple and stupid


Keep an eye on your latest spending, to be more aware and keep control.


A full list of transactions often allows you realise we underestimate small things.


You might be spending more on beer than you think, find out quickly.


Have a realistic exchange rate by keeping track of your exchanges.


Pick a date range, and see how things went.

Why manually tracking exchange rate ?

When exchanging currencies at an ATM or an exchanger booth, the applied rate never really match our expectation and often include hidden fees. To provide an accurate exchange rate, manually write down each exchanges to let the application know the actual rate.

All transactions can then be displayed in a currency of your choice, which can be especially helpful for those who travel frequently or need to track expenses in multiple currencies.

Privacy by design

We provides secure end-to-end encryption within an open source code base to protect the confidentiality of your data. This ensures that only you can access and read them.

Other Features

👥 Multi-account
💱 Convertor
🌗 Dark mode
📥 Import/export
💚 Opensource
👩‍💻 API access for developers
🏠 Self-hostable
🔁 Recurant transactions
🔎 Search
🏝️ Offline capacity

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