Fully manual budget app to track personal expenses.

Completely opensource, with privacy by design.




Who is behind Seven23 ?

My name is SΓ©bastien Barbier, I am a french developer who developed Seven23 as a side-project to help me track my expenses. After way too many years of work, as the application was taking shapes I decided to open it and build an hosting offer to help financing its development. I personnaly use it on daily basis so you can be sure I will take good care of it.

Can I connect and automatically sync my bank account ?

No, this is the main request from users, but our philisophy is to keep the app fully manual.

Are my data encrypted ?

Confidential data are encrypted on your device when sended to our server using JSON Web Encryption (JWE), and in all communication using HTTPS. We do not have access to your data. However, they need to be stored unencrypted on your device to run in-app. Meaning if someone access your device, this person can access your data.

Can I help and constribute ?

We love community feedback and are glad to review contributions of any size - from typos in the documentation to critical bug fixes - so don’t be shy!


If any questions or any needs, you can reach to me by email or over twitter.